Work Ready Kentucky

Get in. Get out. Get to work!

Free tuition…* We know what you’re thinking. There’s probably a catch.

But, here in Kentucky, employers are struggling to find enough people to fill positions in high demand, high paying fields. They need you. So we’re making it easier to get you the credentials you need and a job you’ll love.

Metropolitan College

UPS Metroplitan College Program

Participate in the Metropolitan College Program and get your tuition paid as well as bonuses, money for books, and other benefits. It’s possible to earn a college degree debt-free.

UPS Earn & Learn

At UPS, we’ll help Future You reach your goals for college and beyond. Through Earn and Learn, our Tuition Assistance Program, you can receive thousands of dollars to help with college expenses. Available at most UPS locations across the nation, the Tuition Assistance Program gives Future You a big boost as you earn your degree—and sets you up for career success.